中原崇志 / takashi nakahara

建築アトリエ「有馬裕之+Urban Fourth」を経て、建築、インテリア、ミュージアムデザインの分野で活動。
主な仕事に、21_21 DESIGN SIGHTやGinza Sony Parkの展覧会会場構成、「石岡瑛子 血が、汗が、涙がデザインできるか」「10 Mame Kurogouchi」「日本科学未来館の常設展示」「上海万博日本産業館 INAXブース」など。


Takashi Nakahara, after working at the architectural atelier "Arima Hiroyuki + Urban Fourth," has been active in the fields of architecture, interior design, and museum design. While focusing on the design of permanent and special exhibitions for science museums and museums, he has engaged in a wide range of projects, including architectural design, interiors, and spatial installations.

Notable works include exhibition venue configurations for 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT and Ginza Sony Park, as well as designs for exhibitions such as "Eiko Ishioka: Can Blood, Sweat, and Tears Be Designed?," "10 Mame Kurogouchi," and the permanent exhibition at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. He has also contributed to the design of the INAX booth at the Japan Industrial Pavilion during the Shanghai World Expo.

His accolades include winning the Space Design Award Gold Prize, the SDA Award (Economic Minister's Award), the ADC Award, and other prestigious honors in recognition of his outstanding work in spatial design.